Houseplant Wisdom Self-Reflection Cards

$25.99 USD at The Game Crafter (+shipping)

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Do you talk to your houseplants? Do you ever wonder what they would say to you in response to your inquiries? …About your affection towards them? Or maybe your negligence or cluelessness about their needs? If so, this deck was made for you!

Us humans can learn a lot about being alive from other forms of nature, but we don’t always need to seek the gurus in the wilderness to find that deep wisdom. In their quiet perceptiveness of being alive and being loved by you, your beloved houseplant buddies have mastered many lessons about existence. Give them a chance to teach you about worthiness, self-care, and being open to the magic of life.

Cards are uniquely share shaped (3.5 x 3.5 inches) and comes with an information pamphlet packaged in a tuck box.