A Flourishing Commons is…

For those who want to be inspired, for those who want to know that our existence on Earth matters, and for those who want to trust that there is always an essence to being human that is worth living for.

It is a place where we learn how to be more human—to feel more deeply, to think more profoundly, and to live more open-heartedly—because when we are our most authentic human self, we are also our most divine self. When we recognize our own sacredness, we are then holding space for our most desired future.

In support of a flourishing world, our mission here is to help unveil the pains of our collective social-ecological traumas, share the poignant beauty of the world that exists eternally, and collectively heal through reflection, self-love, and conscious decision-making.

You are invited to consider a paradigm shift to re-envision your world.

Imagine a world that fills your heart with love, a world where you feel unconditionally supported, and a world where you are free to be who were meant to be and speak your inner-most voice of truth. How beautiful would that world be?

Now ask yourself, in the world that you currently live in, do you feel disheartened by rising social and ecological problems? Do you feel oppressed by this world’s systemic challenges? In this world, do have to repress your true feelings because of political correctness, polarized beliefs, or people’s discomfort with differing opinions because of a deep-seated fear of social abandonment?

These two worlds look irreconcilable, but perhaps, they are merely two points on a journey to return home. Feelings of confusion, loneliness, despair, or apathy arise because of our collective amnesia to the true meaning of our common home. The essence of spirituality is the recognition that every element in the universe is interconnected. So despite all that happens in a society, we are simply just trying to make home out of our lives, collectively, on this planet. Therefore, each one of us plays a notable role in this making of the world.

But how at home are each of us in our social roles (as students, educators, designers, environmentalists, advocates, etc.)? More importantly, how at home are we purely as living entities? The Tragedy of our Commons is telling us that we may have neglected this primordial home of ours. It’s time to return to love ourselves inherently as human beings. It’s time to re-envision the world with new narratives in education, place-making, and social-advocacy.

A flourishing commons starts with a paradigm shift of how to be in the world by…

The seeds of change originate from each individual.

That means you and me. How do you envision, narrate, and invest in your flourishing commons?

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