To celebrate the Fall Season and the wisdom that it has to offer, I’m sharing this poem that I wrote a couple years ago after a visit to Earl Bales Park, a large park in the north-end of Toronto near my old home. I won’t be seeing the fall colours at the park this year since I moved from this area earlier this summer. I do miss the park since it is one of the few places that I feel the energy of “home” and where forest trails reside amidst the urban city landscape of Toronto.  

Now I know why the trees change colour…

Now I know why the trees change colour.
The poplars in the distance glimmer and glisten.
Twinkling, twinkling, like magic
The branches of the copper beech sway up and down
Like the arms of a pianist
Dancing in the wind composed of sweet music.

Swish, swish, swish…

Now I know why the trees lose their leaves.
They fall, being taken over by the force of the wind,
Teaching me to flow along with life.
They fall, drifting through the air,
Teaching me how to let go and descend with grace.

Landing on the ground is not a shame,
Because the trees have been collecting the sunshine all summer long,
To cover the ground with a mass of golden blankets,
To warm my heart, in preparation for winter.

forest with fallen leaves in autumn

The photos I captured  do little justice to the beauty of the landscape I saw that day. Images can only offer a glimpse into an experience that touches the heart.

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